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Tracy and Lee Moxon - Imaginarium Owners

Tracy & Lee Moxon

Welcome to The Imaginarium Restaurant at Barton, where culinary dreams come to life. Tracy and Lee Moxon, the driving forces behind this extraordinary establishment, have embarked on an incredible journey that has led them to create a unique dining experience in Barton-upon-Humber.

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The Imaginarium Gastro Lounge in Barton-on-Humber where your culinary dreams come to life.

Lee's passion for the culinary arts began as a teenager in his home  town of Hull, where he honed his skills as a commis chef at the prestigious Portland Hotel. His talent and dedication led him to join the Royal Navy, where he underwent rigorous chef training and had the privilege of serving on the Royal Yacht.

His culinary journey continued as he joined the renowned team at Wintringham Fields, where he immersed himself in the world of fine dining and acquired invaluable experience. With a desire to further expand his expertise, Lee ventured into contract catering, taking on the responsibility of providing meals for thousands of workers daily. During this time, he also made a name for himself by participating in national competitions and receiving accolades for his exceptional culinary creations.

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Meanwhile, Tracey, a people person with exceptional listening skills, played a vital role in their joint venture. She became the voice of their customers, providing invaluable feedback to Lee and the team, ensuring they remained in close touch with their clients' desires and expectations.

When the opportunity arose to acquire the former Elios Restaurant in Market Place, Barton-upon-Humber, Lee and Tracey seized the moment. Combining their strengths and talents, they embarked on a perfect joint venture.

At The Imaginarium Restaurant, every member of the staff is meticulously selected and trained to deliver exceptional service that matches the kitchen's standards of excellence. Lee and Tracey's vision extends beyond merely providing delicious, high-quality food. They aim to make their culinary creations accessible to all, offering menus at affordable prices that cater to diverse tastes.

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